Originally from Ontario, I have lived in Nova Scotia for 8 years.  It is hard to understand sometimes, and harder to explain to my family why I live so far away.  I really love it here.  I think that if I do become a farmer, this will be a great province to do it in.

More will be revealed as this blog grows.  After all, that’s what farmers do, right? Make things grow …

  1. violet6409 said:

    So terribly impressed with your stories and can’t wait to read more of them!!! Your lunch post is making me hungry. Your ‘reasons why…’ have an essence of manifesto about them, almost like a ‘Henry V rousing the troupes’ challenge! Bring on the farmer rhetoric Farmer Lily, bring it on;)

    • Lily said:

      Thank you for stopping by, and for being ‘terribly impressed’! Maybe I should have named the blog ‘Farm! A Manifesto’?

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