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Just a quick and simple post today, to share my go-to lunch.

I make this about two or three times a week for most of the year.  Starting with a layer of chickpeas on the bottom of the bowl, I add tomatoes, then bell peppers, and cucumbers on top.  This way the chickpeas marinate a bit in the dressing, and the cucumbers don’t get soggy because they’re on top.  This helps particularly when I am making it ahead of time, and it is perfectly delicious when I am finally ready to eat it.  I pour on some olive oil, followed by lemon juice, fresh if I can, bottled if necessary.  I use roughly equal quantities of both, but never measure, and I tweak to taste. Usually I use oregano, since this is essentially a Greek salad, but this week I have a beautiful bundle of fresh basil from my last trip to the market, so I am using that instead.  It is wonderful.  The final, and most joyous, ingredient is Feta cheese from Foxhill Cheese House. Their Feta is the best I have ever tasted!  No matter how much extra I buy in an attempt to not run out, I inevitably do, at which point it’s time to take a break from the salad, because grocery store Feta just doesn’t compare.

 I recently went away with a friend who is quite culinarily skilled, and made this for easy lunches and snacks.  I had not cooked for him much before and was a little unsure what he would think, but I received high praise for it that weekend, and again since.  Success!

Here is the salad, all nicely put together before the mixing begins.  Below is my attempt to show the layers, though it’s not a great picture.

Depending on availability and seasonality I have made this with carrots, radishes, mushrooms, greens, and cauliflower, in various combinations including the vegetables listed above.  It has always been good enough that I want to make more again very soon.

~ Lily

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