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Lots of changes playing out in my world lately! When I have the time to relax and read, I’ve been escaping into fiction, so I don’t have much farm research related information to share.  I have been cooking though … 🙂












This morning I made a breakfast sandwich, which is something I make often, but was out of ham, bacon, and back bacon! Oh dear.  I did have some leftover Getaway Meat Mongers steak from my supper the other night, as well as some mushrooms.  I sliced the steak thinly and put it in a frying pan with the mushrooms, then cracked an egg, compliments of Selwood Green at the Seaport Market.  Isn’t it beautiful?













When the English Muffin was toasted, I layered sliced tomato, a bit of Foxhill Feta, and Foxhill Parmesran













Then I added the egg, steak, and mushrooms.  It was tricky to get it all to stay on, but with a little gentle squishing, it worked out just fine.













Now I’m fed, have blogged, and it’s time to take on the rest of my day! Happy Friday to you all 🙂

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